We groom all breeds of dogs and cats with skill and care in any style that owners request. Many of our regular clients can be seen on our Facebook page (look out for your baby). Just to let you know what is included in a visit to K9 please read the following. Prices can be found on our prices page.

Puppy Madness - £20

We believe in introducing pups at an early impressionable age. They will become familiar to the sounds, smells and the equipment of a grooming salon. However, this is not just a learning experience, we will also provide the following services: Brush, Bath, Drying and Nail Clipping. If you would like your puppy to also have a little hair cut off, we do make a small extra charge. Just let us know when you come into reception.

The main benefit is that as the puppy grows older and visits a groomer they will be more relaxed and enjoy the experience.

This service is available any week day. Puppies are defined as from vaccinations to 5 months - please bring vaccination certificate.

Full Groom

Once we’ve discussed your preferred style, your pooch or kitty will be taken to our state of the art air-conditioned bathroom for a luxurious shower in our hydrobath. We use all the very best products so that even the most sensitive of skin isn’t affected or irritated. After a thorough rinse, and a little conditioner if needed, we use our quiet blow dryers to remove all the dead, excess coat that you would usually find on your clothes and furniture! After a quick fluff dry and removal of any tangles your pampered pet then heads to the grooming room for a brief chill out before they have their haircut!

Once rested, your pooch or kitty receives the star treatment with a fabulous haircut as pre-discussed. Once nails are cut and ears are cleaned, it’s time for the final spray of perfume and into a nice cosy bed ready for owners to come and collect them!

Quickie (Face, Feet & Bum)

You get all of the same as a full groom, with the exception of the final haircut. With a face, feet & bum we usually tidy up the face and the eye line (so your pooch can see again!), the feet are trimmed and paw pads clipped, and lastly, we tidy up the bum areas to keep your pooch feeling clean and fresh. This service does not include anything off the body area.

This is a great treat for in-between full grooms and helps with matting and moulting especially if you like your pet in a fluffy style and of course it is not the same price as a full all over clip.

Nail Clipping

We are happy to clip nails any time, no appointment needed! Just call in and we will do the job while you wait, it only takes a few minutes and costs £10.

Bath & Blow Dry

A job that’s done in the bathroom - this is normally for our short coated friends like Labradors, Staffies, Rotties, Dalmatians etc! So it’s all those services, except the fluff finish as we don’t need to see a fluffy Staffie … although that would be fun…

Hand Stripping

At K9 we specialise in Hand-stripping. This method of grooming is carried out less and less in pet grooming salons as a result of time restrictions or a lack of good training.The technique involves pulling out the dead top coat to leave a more natural look then clipping. It should be carried out on breeds with wire coats to maintain the correct coat texture and colour. Dogs should be stripped every 12 weeks. Prices start from £50.

Cat Grooms

catCats are a little different. Cats usually need two people to handle them and begin their groom with having a manicure, any problem areas (knots and tangles) shaved out, and any dead coat brushed/combed out. Then they are taken to the bathroom girls to have their bubble bath, fluff dry and ears cleaned. Lastly, they head back to two of our fully trained cat specialist who comb through the freshly cleaned coat, attend to any trimming requested and then back their carrier for a snooze before they’re collected. It is not always necessary to bath a cat but one of out staff would talk you through everything before you leave kitty with us.