We groom all breeds of dog with skill and care. Starting with a relaxing hydrobath which massages and deep cleans the coat to insure all debris and odours are eliminated. We have a variety of shampoos to suit your dogs skin and coat's need.

A hairstyle is discussed on arrival and chosen to your specific requirements.

Nail clippings and ear cleaning are included in this package, with a refreshing spritz of perfume your pooch is now ready to be collected.

Full Groom Service

Hair styling to your chosen specification, whether it be breed standard, short and practical or to your own specification. All full grooms come with a bath in our professional shampoo, a blow dry, nail trim and ears cleaned. After the haircut we use A light spritz of doggy cologne and can put a complimentary bow (if you would like one).

Bath & Blowdry

This package is perfect for a freshen up in-between full grooms, helping reduce build up of the malting which can result in an unwanted shorter haircut.

A deep clean wash followed by a relaxing blow-dry with our state of the art doggy drier. We brush and comb fully to ensure all dead hair and tangles are removed. Nail cutting is included finishing with a spray of our doggy perfume.

If trimming is required we offer an additional package as an extension of bathing we call "Face, Feet & Tail" including all above plus a trim around the edges, around the feet and around the bottom area.

Puppy Madness

A "Puppy Madness" package can be carried out as soon as your puppy has had all of it's injections and is allowed out. As an introduction to grooming we will require 1 - 1.5 hours to carry out this grooming session. Your puppy will have a relaxing bath in a soothing shampoo followed by a light blow-dry, nails clipped and a face, feet and tail trimming.


Hand-stripping is a specialist technique and is performed on dogs with the correct coat type. We have one hand-stripping specialist, therefore we advise calling for more information and bookings.

Nail Clipping

We offer a "nail clipping" service for dogs and cats and for small animals for £10

Collection And Delivery Service

We offer a Collection and Delivery service for your pet (depending on distance.) Please contact the salon to arrange this service.